If you have been fantasizing glamour and glitz in your bland life, and think that you definitely deserve it.. then ‘Glitz and Glamour – The Premium Unisex Salon’ is the perfect destination for you . Located in the posh area of Avanti Vihar , we have been giving awesome experiences and some mind blowing makeovers to our customers till date. And, we tend to continue the superb streak forever. If you are thinking ‘Why should I try it?’ well, there are numerous reasons for it. Some of them possibly could be:

  • Very high quality of service to ensure your satisfaction. And, we mean it!
  • A bonhomie family atmosphere so that if you are accompanied by some family member, he/she doesn’t feel cursed. Aha! That’s our mission too.
  • No compromise with the high-class quality of products that we use to serve you. That’s because we want you to feel at best after a Glitz and Glamour walk-in .
  • And the list continues… but if you still feel something ’s missing , don’t think much . Just come to us and experience the awesomeness for yourself ( not just to be satisfied but also for a celebrity style transfor-mation ) . Our customers are not just our customers but also testimonies of great work we do . Our staff also acknowledges this and thus ensures your joy by taking good care of you. We take pride in exceeding your expectations so, we urge you to try it out first hand.