Be it your Hair care, Skin care or Makeup, ‘Glitz and Glamour’ is the single solution to all your needs. All you need to do is give us the opportunity to serve you and we’ll make sure that your need is fulfilled to the utmost level of your satisfaction. Wish to curl your hair or straighten it, want to try a new hairstyle for some special occasion or if you simply love your hair and wish to take good care of it? All this is provided under Hair Care at Glitz and Glamour. Need a glowing and spotless skin for the Freshers party/Farewell, Kitty party or even a meeting with some esteemed client? Try the skin care at Glitz and Glamour and say hi to a perfect skin. Want a make-up to stand out from the crowd in a wedding or you wish to leave an everlasting impression on the guests in your own wedding? Want to impress your beloved one on a date or even if you want to look good for a happy mood, take the make-up at Glitz and Glamour and feel on top of the world.


If you care for your hair… so do we! Hence, Glitz and Glamour provides a wide variety of services for your hair which include...

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Wish for a perfect silky soft skin and your wish will come true at Glitz and Glamour with our Facials, Bleaching,.........

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A perfect make-up is absolutely essential for a perfect occasion and Glitz and Glamour is the perfect destination to get you ready......

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A Family Salon:

A complete family salon, where each member of the family can sit together, relax and enjoy the services.

Our Motto:

."Premium Services at Affordable Prices".

Mass Premium Salon:

Glitz and Glamour is a Mass Premium Salon, where we cater to masses with premium services.

Hair Services & Make Up:

Special attention to Hair Services and Make up. We assure 100 percent customer satisfaction that's why we also ensure money back (printed in bill)